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Marketing Your Business to Local & County Governments

You know best what your business does and how its array of goods and services can benefit local municipalities and their residents. None of this means anything if you can't get through the door to meet the elected or appointed officials who often make the decisions. We will walk you through the door.

Marketing to local/county governments is not merely a matter of good salesmanship. Local/county elected and appointed officials are stewards of the taxpayers’ money, and as such, they have a special duty to their residents to receive the best goods and the highest level of services at the lowest possible price. The Front Porch Strategies team has fostered strong relationships throughout municipalities in all 21 of New Jersey's counties, and not only knows how to gain access, but also how to navigate the intricate procurement processes in order to make the sale. Because we have years of experience working in government, we have sole insight into how local officials think and how we can provide real value to their residents while earning revenue for our clients.

Building Local Support for Your Project or Initiative

In this economy, it is more important now than ever that your initiative or project move from conception to reality in the shortest time possible. The Front Porch Strategies team uses a neighborhood approach to effectively engage and mobilize grassroots backing for all types of projects and initiatives requiring community support.

We begin with a study of the local landscape to formulate an understanding of the major stakeholders and how their opinions and predispositions can affect your goals. We then work to gain an understanding of your presence in the community by conducting a Community Relations and Public Affairs Audit that will allow us to assess your strengths and resources.

Specifically, we will provide strategic outreach and political intelligence by working with business groups, local government, organized labor, community and faith-based organizations, and other key influencers and opinion leaders; engage the community and build essential coalitions by taking charge of earned and paid media as well as communications and presentations to the public; facilitating and developing relationships with local decision makers; managing the "campaign" through the planning and implementation process to achieve your desired result.

Achieving Results for You Step-by-Step

Front Porch Strategies uses innovative communication techniques and a range of creative services to achieve tangible results. Recognizing that no two communities or projects are alike, we will work with you to create customized action plans. We develop a plan, put the pieces together, and then execute to win. The Front Porch Strategies team develops a specific strategy that turns local supporters into vocal proponents. The program begins with a study of the local landscape to formulate an understanding of the major stakeholders and how their opinions and biases affect your goals. We seek to blend into the local fabric and develop the support network necessary to achieve your goals.

The second component of this program is to understand your presence in the community. To this end, a Community Relations and Public Affairs Audit is conducted that will allow us to assess your strengths and resources. With this information we will formulate a program to include:

  • Community Engagement and Coalition Building
  • Communications and Presentations to the Community and Supporters
  • Facilitating and Developing Relationships with Local and Regional Decision Makers
  • Management of Media and Public Relations
  • Facilitating Print Publications, Talking Points and Fact Sheets
  • Training and Instruction for Employees and/or Project Supporters
  • Management of the ‘campaign’ Through the Planning and Implementation Process